IQAC Notice

Notes on Creative Questions


The   Chairmen of the Departments QSIS/DIS/SHIS/CSE/EEE/ETE/ CCE/ Pharmacy/ BBA/ ELL/Law/E&B  and CENURC. IIUC



Dear Colleague,

 Assalamu Alikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barkathu 


I hope that by the grace of Almighty Allah(swt)  all  of you are  in safe condition with your family during this  global COVID-19  pandemic. We seek mercy of Allah (swt) to save us. 


In order to  maintain Quality  Education at IIUC,  you are requested  to circulate the attached  Notes on  Creative Question among the  course teachers/question setters ( regular and adjunct during Autumn- 2019) of  your department. They will calculate the percentage of   Learning Order and Level  of questions (Assignment of Autumn- 2019)  as  an examiner of  his/her assigned  courses of Autumn- 2019   semester (Undergraduate)  by using action verbs of Bloom Taxonomy (Tables-3,4,5)  and the  format of Table-7. They will submit the calculated result of Learning Order and Level   in percentage to you as per table-7, (hard copy with a signature of Chairman of the respective exam. committee) as soon as Assignment Exam- Autumn- 2019   completed. You are requested to preserve these results (as binding volume) in your office for Accreditation team  during  their visit. Calculation of learning order and level is one of the important parameter to develop Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) culture for the program.  Under the circumstance, you are requested to circulate the information on “Calculation of learning order and level” among the teachers of your department.



With regards


Professor M Delawer Hossain

Director, IQAC, IIUC.


CC.  1. Hon’ble Cairman BoT  for information and necessary action.

       2. Hon’ble Vice- Chancellor for information and necessary action.

       3.Registrar, IIUC for  information and necessary action.