Rules and Regulations of Residence Hall

Rules and Regulations of Residence Hall

Residence of University Students

1. Halls of Residence

Currently, there are six male student’s Halls at IIUC Campus, Kumira, Sitakunda, Chittagong. More Halls are  to be constructed both for male and female students in the Campus. The University will, in course of time, be a fully residential one. A student, who does not reside in a Hall of the University, shall be called a Day Scholar. A day scholar shall reside with his parents or legal guardian or with a person authorized by the parents or legal guardian.

The names of the existing Halls inside the campus are as follows:     

  1. Abu Bakr® Hall
  2. Omar ® Hall
  3. Osman ® Hall
  4. Ali® Hall
  5. Hall No # 5
  6. Hall No # 6

2. Hall Administration

Halls are led by Provosts. There are House Tutors and Administrative Assistants in the Halls. Hall Provost and House tutors are committed to look after the students within the framework of University Rules and Regulations. Further they are also required to organize various student activities in halls such as observing and arranging the National & Islamic days, sports and cultural programs. 

Provosts, House Tutors, Administrative Assistants and other Officials at Halls shall be appointed by Honorable Vice-Chancellor on the recommendations of Hall Management Committee (HMC). Hall Management Committee shall supervise all the activities in the Halls.

Hall Management Committee consists of the following members:

Vice-Chairman IUC Trust Chairman
Director Student Affairs Division (STAD)Member
All Provosts of Halls Member
Additional Director SDSWD Member Secretary
  1. Regulations Regarding Hall Management and Resident Students
  2. No outsider is allowed to enter into or stay in the room of a resident except the resident himself. An officer or employee of the University other than the University executives, who wishes to enter any room of the hall, should obtain the prior permission of the hall authority.
  3. Every resident student must use the hall premises carefully and should not cause any damage or any harm to any part of the area or building or prevent other residents from using the common facilities of the hall.
  4. Any resident, who on purpose damages any part of the building or hall properties, will be liable to pay the cost of repair or replacement. Apart from that, the hall authority may charge him/her with applicable disciplinary offences.
  5. Every resident is responsible for keeping the safety of the hall and maintaining the healthy environment in and around the hall premises.
  6. The resident is responsible for any item missing or damaged in his room. The hall authority will not bear the loss of any item damaged or lost. Any loss or damage must be reported to the hall authority forthwith.
  7. The door of the room must be kept under lock and key while resident goes outside his room and he should return the keys of the room to the hall authority before leaving the hall during a vacation.
  8. While leaving the room, resident should ensure that the switches of the lights and fans are off.
  9. In case of any emergency or accident the resident must report to the hall authority immediately and to the police authority as well if necessary.
  10. The managerial duty will be imposed on each and every student by rotation. None will be exempted from this responsibility.
  11. If any student intends to hear cassette / CD player, he has to use headphone so as not to disturb other students.
  12. Objectionable Songs, music, dances, films are prohibited to watch on computer screen.
  13. Hadiths are to be studied after jama'ah as per schedule.
  14. No objectionable photograph will be allowed to be hung in the room.
  15. Any resident is not allowed to make changes or exchange of any room with other residents without the prior permission of the hall authority.
  16. No resident is permitted to allow any guest to live in his room and receive the members of his family in his room. Any visit to a resident should strictly be limited in the guestroom. No guest will be allowed without prior permission of hall authority.
  17. No one is allowed to paste any poster or to put a nail into the wall or to make any scratch on the wall. If he needs to put a calendar, routine, schedule, etc- he should arrange for that by using the drilling machine after taking prior permission from the authority.
  18. No resident is allowed to shift the furniture of the hall from one room to the other without the permission of the authority.
  19. All residents should dispose of the rubbish and filth in the garbage bin kept exclusively for the purpose.
  20. Muslim residents of the hall must be sincere, punctual and committed to perform regular daily prayers and observe fasting during the month of Ramadan. While in the hall, students have to perform Isha and Fazr prayer in congregation (Jama'ah)
  21. All residents regardless of faith & religion must strive for keeping up ideals of morality, politeness, humanity and piety.
  22. Playing cards or killing time in any other kind of meaningless play, which is contrary to teachings of Islam, is completely prohibited.
  23. A resident should not cause any inconvenience to the other fellows in his room. As such he is not allowed to make any noise or to study loudly or to continue his study after midnight. If he is in urgent need to continue his study after midnight, he has to make sure that the light of his lamp is limited to his study table only.
  24. Residents are strictly prohibited from making any noise within the hall premises.
  25. No one is allowed to listen to any immoral song or hard rock within his room or elsewhere in the hall premises.
  26. Smoking within the hall premises is strictly prohibited.
  27. The use of TV should strictly be limited to news broadcasts, educational & documentary programs and it will be closed at sharp 11.00 p.m.
  28. No male & female resident is allowed to be absent from the hall after 10.00 p.m. & 7.00 p.m. respectively except with a prior permission from the authority and for a legitimate reason which is acceptable to the authority.
  29. No one is allowed to continue any games or sports activities during the prayer time.
  30. The residents are also required to participate actively and regularly in the co-curricular and extracurricular activity scheduled by the University. Attendance in every program under the management of hall authority is mandatory.
  31. The residents of the hall are also required to dress themselves properly and decently which is not contrary to the spirit of Islam and dignity.
  32. The hall authority expects all sorts of cooperation from all residents to uphold the smooth administration and maintain the healthy environment in the hall.