Deans of the Faculties

Faculty of Business Studies

Prof Dr. Abdul Hamid Chowdhury
Prof. Dr. Md. Masrurul Mowla

Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, IIUC
E-mail :
Tel : IIUC PABX, Ext-410 Mobile: 01919329168

Faculty Of Shari’ah & Islamic Studies

Prof. Dr. Shaker Alam Shaoque

Dean, Faculty of Shari’ah & Islamic Studies
Office: 03042-51159
Ext. IIUC PABX Ext-308

Faculty of Science & Engineering

Prof. Dr. Md. Delawer Hossain
Prof. Dr. Md. Delawer Hossain

Dean, Faculty of Science & Engineering, IIUC
E-mail :
Tel : IIUC PABX Ext-326 Mobile: 01817208143

Faculty Of Law

Prof. K M Golam Mohiuddin
Prof. K M Golam Muhiuddin

The Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, IIUC
Dean, Faculty of Law, IIUC
IIUC PABX- Ext. 304
Fax : (+88-031) 610307, E-mail :

Office of the The Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor
Mr. Sirajul Arefeen
Additional Director & PS to Vice-Chancellor
Phone: IIUC PABX- Extn.: 305,Fax: (+88-031) 610307

Faculty of Art & Humanities

Dr. Mohammad Riaz Mahmud

Dean, Faculty of Art & Humanities
Phone: IIUC PABX Ext. 422
Mobile : 01715034598

Faculty of Social Science

Prof. Dr. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury
Prof. Dr. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury

Dean, Faculty of Social Science, IIUC
Mobile: 01714-404231