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FAQ: [for students’ online service]
1. My result shows pending and comments showing “Contact to CoE”
Answer: Your result is submitted by respective teacher. But not confirmed by CoE office. Please contact with CoE office through mobile number given in the separate sheet.

2. My Result Show Pending and Comments show “Contact to Teacher”
Answer: Your result is not yet submitted by respective teacher. Please contact with respective teacher.

3. I have forgotten my Password
Answer: Please check your e-mail or Message folder of your mobile. In this regard, you may contact with your departmental Admin for new password.

4. Grade or others problem
Answer: For any query for result, please contact with CoE Office through mobile number given in the separate sheet.

5. For course registration if course is shown
Answer: For this please, please contact with Admission office or CoE Office through mobile number given in the separate sheet.

6. My profile has something wrong information or containing old information.
Answer: Please contact with admission office to update your profile.

7. For course registration I need additional credit
Answer: For additional credit, please contact with your advisor.

8. I could not complete my registration in due time.
Answer: For registration after deadline, please contact with your departmental Chairman.

9. I do not find my course for registration
Answer: Please contact with ITD’s personnel or your department Admin.

10. My registration shows pending
Answer: For confirmation of registration, please contact with your advisor.

11. . I have paid my fees but not updated in Payment History
Answer: Please contact with Account Division.

12. I could not complete TER submission because teacher’s name/course is not shown.
Answer: Please contact with your departmental admin to update teacher’s name or course.

13. I need to change my Mobile Number or Email
Answer: Please contact with admission office to update your mobile number or email.

14. I am confused. Which student panel should I use for login, result, billing etc
Answer: Please use https://www.iiuc.ac.bd/login if you Admit on and from Autumn-2018 (ID # starts with B183….,B191….,B193…., B201….).
Please use http://upanel.iiuc.ac.bd:81 or if you admit on and before Spring-2018 (ID # starts with B181…., B173…, B172…, B171…, B163…, B162…, B161…)

15. I have received a verification code. Some Verification code has char I (capital I) or l (small L) or Char O looks similar to digit 0.
Answer: : If you think that you typed the code rightly but not working, then please Click – Back Arrow of the Browser (i.e Google Crome) and then try another combination [for example -Using Digit 0 (zero) instead of Char O] of the code, hopefully it will work.

16. Suppose, you make a call to any responsible incumbent from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm, but no response from him/her.
Answer: Please send an e-mail to (info@iiuc.ac.bd and obaid_iiuc@yahoo.com) mentioning reason, the name of incumbent, date and time.

17. Forget email password.
Answer: Please send an e-mail to itd@iiuc.ac.bd [from 09:00AM to 01:00 PM] or reaz@iiuc.ac.bd [from 01:00PM to 08:00PM] .

Name and Mobile Number

Online Services by the personnel of Divisions and Dept. Office during Corona Pandemic
The following personnel will be available during during 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM from Saturday to Wednesday. Students and concerned persons are requested to contact with the respective person for required services.

ACAD (Admission and Information Services)

Information & Services Contact person Contact
Re-admission, Admission Cancellation, Credit Transfer, Online form fill up, ID No. and ID card Mr. Mohammad Noman
Assistant Director
01911174744, noman_mu@yahoo.com, acad@iiuc.ac.bd
Admission information of Masters Programs Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Meah
Deputy. Director
01878143801, yousuf671253@yahoo.com
Admission information of bachelor programs and submission of documents related to admission Mr. Muhammed Sydul Karim
Senior Assistant Director
01844072000,01818-067748, sydulkarim@yahoo.com

For any complain or query regarding the service of ACAD, please contact with Dr. Murtaza Ahmed, Director, ACAD Phone: 01716-392306

COE Office
[Registration, Add-Drop, Withdraw, Tabulation, Special Arrangement, Exam Materials, Admit Card, Attendance Sheet, Re-check of Grade, Provisional Certificates (PVC), Transcript, Original Certificates, Testimonial, Migration, Correction/Addition of Results, Consolidated Transcripts, Special Final Exam (outgoing) etc]

Information & Services Contact person Contact
B. Pharmacy, BEB Mr. Md. Mohiuddin Hossain
Additional Director
IIUC PABX Ext. 386, Mobile:01819-819943 (WhatsApp), 01979819943, mohiuhossain@gmail.com
Mr. Mahmudul Alam
Deputy Director
Mobile No. 01554330759
Deputy. Director
IIUC PABX Ext. 387, Mobile:01715-740854(WhatsApp), moonctg76@yahoo.com
ELL, MELL (Pre & Final), MELT, CSE Mr. Mohammad Alamgir Kabir
Deputy Director
IIUC PABX Ext. 388, Mobile:01818136474 (For making Voice calls), 01914530923 (WhatsApp)[for sending Messages, Queries etc.] alamgirlawcu@yahoo.com
BBA (Male), EMBA Mr. Md. Belal Hossain
Assistant Director
IIUC PABX Ext. 389, Mobile:01817-731469(WhatsApp), hossain2002bd@yahoo.com
BBA(Female), CCE ,RMBA,MBM, PGDLIS, DCS Mr. Ahamed Ali Khan
Administrative Officer
IIUC PABX Ext. 389, Mobile:01749205755(WhatsApp) , ahamed.alikhan@yahoo.com
LLB, LLM (Pre & Final), EEE Mr. Md. Yusuf Miah
Administrative Officer
IIUC PABX Ext. 388, Mobile:01671659739, 01823072611(WhatsApp), yusufmiah2003@yahoo.com

For any complain or query regarding the service of COE, please contact with Prof. Dr. Gias Uddin Hafiz, Controller of Examinations, Phone: +8809613230513

Staff Development & Student Welfare Division (SDSWD)
[Providing financial assistance and scholarship for the brilliant and poor students, Arranging scholarship for the faculty members in the foreign universities, Arranging training programs to develop the morality of the students]

Information & Services SDSWD Contact person Contact
Mr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
Additional Director
Phone: IIUC PABX Extn:382, Mobile: 01711-481579(WhatsApp), nakibmahfuz@yahoo.com, nakibmahfuz@gmail.com
Mr. Md. Ershad-ul-Hoque
Senior Assistant Director
Phone: IIUC PABX Extn: 383, Mobile: 01816-835589(WhatsApp), ershadchunati@yahoo.com
Mrs. Nargis Begum
Assistant Director
01754-959739, nazgisiiuc14@gmail.com


Information & Services Contact person Contact
Account related Information (student section) Md. Rabiul Hossain
Assistant Director
01814481847 (Only for Call), 01810012848 (WhatsApp for only sending doc. i.e. MR, Not for call), iiucacfd@yahoo.com
Account related Information (student section) ASM Fakhruddin Bhuiyan
Admin Assistant
01760-686869(WhatsApp), fakhrulhasan21@yahoo.com
Account related Information (student section [Female]) Mrs. Fahmida Amin
Deputy Director
01733-973584(Whatsapp), fahamidaamin@yahoo.com
Account related Information (student section [Female]) Mst. Naieema Akhter
Admin Assistant
01720-811859 (WhatsApp), naieemaakhter@gmail.com

For any complain or query regarding the service of ACFD, please contact with Mr. Afzal Ahmad, Director(in-charge), ACFD Phone: 01978121212


Information & Services Contact person Contact
Students Support
Administrative Staff Support (Female)
Antivirus, GSUite
Engr. Reazuddin Ahmed
Assistant System Administrator
01915-558635, 01833-259116(WhatsApp), reaz@iiuc.ac.bd, reaz166@yahoo.com
Student Support Technical (Male)
Google Classroom (Gsuite Administration for Teacher), Zoom, ACFD Software Services
Engr. Mahi Uddin
Assistant System Analyst
01832-223310, mahin.cse@gmail.com, webmaster@iiuc.ac.bd, WhatsApp:01832223310, Messenger:[Search by Mahiuddin Arif]
WiFi / Internet / LAN / PABX & IP Phone /Data Center Maintenance Mr. Md Jafurul Hoque
IT Officer
01814-130112, jafurulh@yahoo.com
WiFi / Internet / LAN / IP Phone / Online UPS /Data Center Maintenance Engr. Md. Akramul Haque
Assistant System Engineer
01711-196626, tutulakram_engr@yahoo.com,
Faculty Support Technical
Administrative Staff Support
Website Administration
GSuite Email Administration
Mr. Md Yusuf Khalil
Assistant Programmer
01841-420300, yusuf.khalil88@gmail.com
Hardware Services(maintenance & repairing of Desktop/Laptop Computer, Printer, offline UPS etc) Engr. Farman Sikder
Sub Asst. System Support Engineer
01819-853452, mdfarman@gmail.com
Website Update (upload/correction etc)
e-Attendance update
HR Account open & Thumb Data Collection and documentation
GSuite email
Office Admin Support
Mohammad Nazrul Islam
Sub Asst. IT Officer
01762-656133, itd@iiuc.ac.bd

For any complain or query regarding the service of ITD, please contact with Mr. Md. Ziaur Rahman, Director (in-charge), ITD Phone: 01811812113


Information & Services Contact person Contact
Library Administration, Turnitin Administration
Md. Jahangir Alam
Mobile: 01754-587979 Email: mjalamdu@gmail.com
Acquisition Section/ Procurement Md. Nurul Kabir Khan
Deputy Librarian
Mobile: 01818-178134 Email:Khan_ctg01@yahoo.com
Processing Section Md. Sheadul Islam
Sr. Assistant Librarian
Mobile: 01817-071599 Email: Shahidiiuc@rocketmail.com
Archives, Reference and Reservation Section Md. Anowar Hossain
Assistant Librarian
Mobile: 01975-064279 Email: anowar_nuri@yahoo.com
Circulation Section Md. Anwar Hossain
Assistant Director
Mobile: 01814-814243 Email: a_iiuc@yahoo.com
Automation and Digitations Section Md. Mohi Uddin
Library Officer
Mobile: 01824-772661(WhatsApp), Email: mohiuddinell@gmail.com
Office and Documentation Section Md. Nazrul Islam
Administrative Officer
Mobile: 01811-894959 Email: nazr76@yahoo.com
ICT and Plagiarism Checking Md. Azim
Lab Technician
Mobile: 01812-845655 Email: azimiiuc73@gmail.com

For any complain or query regarding the service of LID, please contact with Md. Jahangir Alam, Librarian, LID Phone: 01754-587979

Office of the Departments [ For student’s service]

Department Name Contact person Contact
Faculty of Shariah and Islamic Studies
QSIS Mr.Mohammad Tofazzal Hossain Khan
Assistant Director
01911-227328, 01714-288210 (WhatsApp) mdtofazzal@yahoo.com
DIS Mr. Gias Uddin
Administrative Officer
01813-167876, 01879-468600 (WhatsApp) gias.bd84@yahoo.com
SHIS Mr. Mohammad Abdul Bari
Administrative Officer
01829-249652, abarictg1975@gmail.com
Faculty of Science and Engineering
CSE Mr. Md. Jamal Uddin
Senior Assistant Director
01915-872692, 01768-674457 (WhatsApp), mjamalpatiya@gmail.com
Nargis Jahan
Administrative Assistant [Female Students]
01836318613 (WhatsApp), 01628574278, nargisjahan76@yahoo.com
EEE Mr. Md Mostafa Helal
Assistant Director
01680-949299 (WhatsApp), mmhhelal@gmail.com
Mr. Md. Ali Murtuza
Sr. Lab Technician
01715-851818 (WhatsApp)
Selina Akter
Administrative Assistant [Female Section]
01819-895565 (WhatsApp),ctgselina565@gmail.com
CCE Mr. Muhammed Zahid Hossain
Senior Lab Tech.& Admin
01744-476404 (WhatsApp), zahidsae@gmail.com
ETE Mr. Md. Shahab Uddin
Assistant Director
01819-647321 (WhatsApp), noakbd@yahoo.com
Pharmacy Mr. Mr. Nurul Afsar
Assistant Director
01818-233844 (WhatsApp),afsarcu@gmail.com
Mr. A.H. Kazi Md. Ilias Ur Rashid
Library Officer
01819-872198, kazimd.ilias@gmail.com
Nasrin Sultana
Administrative Assistant [Female Section]
01837-383087(WhatsApp), nasrinsultana011@gmail.com
Faculty of Business Studies
MBA, EMBA & MBM Mr. Nurul Islam
Assistant Director
01817-356400(WhatsApp), nurulib.iiuc@gmail.com
MBA, EMBA & MBM Saheda Najnin
Administrative Assistant [Female Section]
BBA Mr. Mr. Mohammad Ataullah
Deputy Director
01554-324583; 01670330752(WhatsApp), ataullah5@yahoo.com
Mr. Md. Hasanul Banna
Senior Assistant Director
01861-256353, 01872031031(WhatsApp), bannactgbd@gmail.com
Mr. Mohsin Pradhania
Administrative Officer
01972-562749, 01712-562149(WhatsApp) mohsiniiuc@yahoo.com
Farhana Afroze
Administrative Assistant [Female Section]
01717-024309(WhatsApp), 01814306970;
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
ELL Mr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
Assistant Director
01875-326875, 01815-084082(WhatsApp), ell2015iiuc@gmail.com, ell@iiuc.ac.bd
ELL Atkia Samia
Administrative Assistant [Female Section]
Faculty of Law
LAW Mr. Arif Mahmood Chowdhury
Admin Assistant
01818-749938(WhatsApp), arifmchy@gmail.com
LAW Josna Ara Sonia
Administrative Assistant [Female Section]
01815-620562, 01868-247050(WhatsApp);
Faculty of Social Science
EB Mr. Abdus Samad
Assistant Director
01816-033970, samadlid2012@gmail.com
Mr. Mohammed Maain Uddin
Assistant Director
01741-517925(WhatsApp), 01554-308628, maainiiucbd@gmail.com
Naznin Sultana
Administrative Assistant [Female Section]
PGDLIS Mr. Md. Mohi Uddin
Library Officer
01824-772661(WhatsApp), mohiuddinell@gmail.com
PGDLIS Fahmida Tasnim (Nisu)
Administrative Assistant [Female Section]
CENURC Muhammad Kutub Uddin
Administrative Officer
01554-327125(WhatsApp), 01871-124052, kutubuddinkam@yahoo.com
MDP Office Mohammad Shaheadul Islam
01817071599, shahidiiuc@rocketmail.com
MDP Office Mr. Mohammad Khorshed Alam
Administrative Officer
01818-18923, khorshed.iiuc@gmail.com
CRP Mr. Mohammad Aminul Islam
Assistant Director
01796-583882(WhatsApp), crpiiucbd@gmail.com

If students or related persons are not getting any IIUC person mentioned above over phone/email, then they are asked to give their complain through message to the following phone numbers or emails (Please see in the following Table)

Director/Head of the Divisions/Offices:

Division/Office Name Contact person Contact
Academic Affairs Division (ACAD) Dr. Murtaza Ahmed
Controller of Exams (CoE) Prof. Dr. Gias Uddin Hafiz
Controller of Examinations
01825769505, giashafiz@yahoo.co.in, coe@iiuc.ac.bd
Accounts & Finance Division (ACFD) Mr. Afzal Ahmed
Information Technology Division (ITD) Mr. Md. Ziaur Rahman
Director (in-charge)
01811812113, cseziaiiuc@gmail.com

Chairman of the Departments:

Department Name Contact person Contact
Qur’anic Sciences and Islamic Studies (QSIS) Dr. Mohammad Moin Uddin
Associate Professor & Chairman
01712-187081, 01557-669413, mainu99@yahoo.com
Da’wah & Islamic Studies (DIS) Dr. Muhammad Aminul Hoque
Associate Professor & Chairman
01673-909205, aminulhoque_iiuc@yahoo.com
Science of Hadith and Islamic Studies (SHIS) Prof. Dr. Md. Nazmul Hoque Nadwi
Professor & Chairman
01819-336118, dmnhnadwi@yahoo.com
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Mr. Tanveer Ahsan
Associate Professor & Chairman
01789-523129, tanveer@iiuc.ac.bd
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) Dr. Sikder Sunbeam Islam
Associate Professor & Chairman
01711-443473, sikder_islam@yahoo.co.uk
Computer and Communication Engineering (CCE) Engr. Md. Razu Ahmed
Associate Professor & Chairman
01874-543665, 01770-164639, razu17@yahoo.com, razu17@iiuc.ac.bd
Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (ETE) Engr. Syed Zahidur Rashid
Assistant Professor & Chairman
01857522408, szrashidcce@yahoo.com
Department of Pharmacy Mr. A.T.M. Mostafa Kamal
Associate Professor & Chairman
01911-459955, mostafakamal285@yahoo.com
Department of Civil Engineering (CE) Prof. Dr. Engr. Muhammad Abu Eusuf, P. Eng
Professor & Chairman
01966881362, eusuf2019@gmail.com
Business Administration Mr. Mohammad Emdad Hossain
Associate Professor & Chairman
01842849422, mehapstat@gmail.com
English Language and Literature (ELL) Dr. Shah Mohammad Sanaul Karim
Associate Professor & Chairman
01819-748276, smskelliiuc@yahoo.com, shahkarim@iiuc.ac.bd
Department of Law Mr. Abdul Malek
Assistant Professor & Chairman(in-charge)
01828-447606, malek.advocate@gmail.com
Economics & Banking Dr. Md. Shariful Haque
Associate Professor
01712-262949, sharif@iiuc.ac.bd, sharif.debiiuc@gmail.com
Center for University Requirement Courses (CENURC) H. M. Ataur Rahman Nadwi
01819-548093, ataurrahmannadwi@gmail.com
Post Graduate Diploam in Library and Information Science (PGDLIS) Md. Aiub Hossain
Lecturer & Coordinator
01857427173, hossain.aiub10001@gmail.com