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Study Tour, Male Section, Kaptai Lake, 20-01-2022,

Study Tour, Female Section, Kaptai Lake, 31-03-2022


Hadith Studies Modoc Ummochon

Eid Reunion & View Exchange-2


Eid Reunion & View Exchange-1

Seminar Organised by Dept. of SHIS


Study Tour-2023_Sajek Valley_17-18 January

Raly of Female Students_ SHIS_ 23-01-2023


Study Tour-2023_Sajek Valley_17-18 January

Seminar Organized by the Dept. of SHIS, 22 January, 2023


Study Tour-2023, Khagrachori, Female Section, 26-01-2023

Football Tournament-2022


5th Convocation, 11 September, 2022

5th Convocation-2022